8 months ago
Paying for College

UC Irvine Regents' Scholarship

Honestly I'm so surprised I am able to go to my dream school this fall. What makes it even better is that I got the Regents' scholarship that gives me priority perks as well as a 5k scholarship. This really helped my financial aid so I could be able to live at the dorms.

It's pretty cool tbh I will only need to pay about 3.5k according to fafsa and with the opportunity of work-study it'll only be $500.

I really hope those who are considering UCI next year get the opportunity to receive the Regents' scholarship since it seems to be such a blessing. Have any one else gotten this scholarship, if so what major? I'm starting to think they give it to one or two in each major but thats probably not accurate lol.

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8 months ago

I believe that there is no cap to how many Regents Scholarships they give to each major purely because UCI has such a large student body. I’ve seen many students within the same major receive regents in the UCI discord. For me, I got into the honors college and got regents as a public health science major. Congrats on your scholarship and basically debt free college experience !

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I declined my Honors opportunity since I’ve seen others say it wasn’t worth it, and having regents I already have the same perks. And as an engineering major I didn’t want to waste time and useless class credits that probably wouldn’t count for my major. Did you find it useful?


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