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Paying for College

Is winning karma is like scolarship? can anyone get it?

Can I also win 50$ karma?

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Karma is essentially like virtual currency on this site. For example you have robux on Roblox, on here the virtual currency is Karma.

Earn karma by helping others:

1 karma for each ⬆️ upvote on your answer, and 20 karma if your answer is marked accepted.

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8 months ago

Karma is not a scholarship and can not be transferred into scholarship money. Karma is in-site currency. You can use Karma to get your essays reviewed or to get an expert answer. However, you can also use Karma to enter into the Collegevine scholarships. You can check it out by clicking the Moneybag emoji and enter into the scholarship drawings. Scholarships are drawn every week and depending on your grade, you can earn $50 - $250!

Anyone can enter into the scholarship raffle as long as you are in high school. Anyone can earn Karma as well, by answering questions and getting votes on them or by reviewing others' essays.

Hope that helps!

8 months ago

You receive karma (sort of like a credit) when you help others. Use your karma to get expert answers or essay reviews on CollegeVine.

Ways you can earn karma:

1 karma for each ⬆️ upvote on your posts

20 karma if your answer is marked accepted

10 karma for reviewing an essay

10 karma if your essay review is rated 5 ⭐️

8 months ago

No, I don't think winning karma is a scholarship but anyone can get the money.


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