6 months ago
Paying for College

entries to win the collegevine scolarship?

hii! if u have 500+ entries, what is the probable chance to win?

@OFHanson6 months ago [edited]

I have 740 entered karma and a 20x multiplier to amount to 14,800 total entires for the senior ballots; if I don’t win this week then I honestly couldn’t tell you

[🎤 AUTHOR]@rgzz6 months ago

hahahah I think u will win!!!

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Accepted Answer
6 months ago[edited]

Hi @rgzz! My name is Tim and I'm the Product Manager for Scholarships at CollegeVine. We don't publish users' chances to win at this time, but there are multiple ways to increase your chances by earning more Karma or upping your Merit Multiplier. Don't forget, you get your Karma bid back AND we give you a bonus Karma just for entering, so even if you don't "win" there's no downside :) good luck!

6 months ago



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