6 months ago
Paying for College

Legal name change leading to financial difficulties, specifically FAFSA

I'm a transguy who was able to change my name legally recently. This has caused some problems in transferring my old test scores and current AP classes to my new legal name, but I'm taken care of most of it.

My problem right now is I plan to join FAFSA soon. Should I join right now and connect it to Collegeboard later? Should I wait until my name is changed in Collegeboard (meaning until after the tests in may)? Does it matter?

If anyone has any experience with a similar situation, I'd love your input!


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6 months ago

I would suggest waiting till the Collegeboard changes your name. Unless you need the FAFSA soon, I don't think it will be worth the hassle if something in their system doesn't work properly. I don't have any experience with changing my legal name, but I switched from not using my middle name to using it and there were some issues with my financial aid materials sending.


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