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Paying for College

I have problems in paying my school fees and I am pleading with you to kindly help me. Pls, will you?

I am an African citizen. I'm in grade 11. And I am not in school.

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3 years ago


I wish you the best of luck with financial aid and pursuing education! I think it would really help others answer this question if you could elaborate on your goals and needs more, so we know how to help you...

For example,

Are you seeking to go to college as an international student?

How much you financial aid do you need and how much can you/your family pay per year for college roughly?

Where do you currently live? (a general location helps us find the best resources for you)

If you're not in school, what are your academic records and do you have good reasons why you are not in school?

What do you want to pursue as a career?

3 years ago[edited]

To be able to help you better find resources we would need more information. I am assuming you are currently not in school due to finances so I will see if I can find any type of organization or something that helps people in similar situations. I will add on to this when I find resources that I think might be useful. Please note that since I don't know exactly what you need help with I don't know if these resources will be of any use.

1. africanscholars.yale.edu/resources/education-access-organizations-programs-clubs-centers-africa

This lists organizations that help with various types of education related problems people might have and they are listed by location.

2. borgenproject.org/providing-free-education-in-africa/#:~:text=The%20Africa%20Hope%20Fund%20(AHF,school%20supplies%20across%20the%20continent.

This lists four organizations that help provide free education.

3 years ago

financial aid

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