3 years ago
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How do I word an email to the biology department regarding specific scholarships they offer?

I'm trying to get in touch with the biology department at the university I will attend in the fall, at the recommendation of my financial aid counselor. My counselor explained that asking specific departments about grants and scholarships is a good idea because a lot of time they just sit on the money due to the fact that not many students reach out to them. I am wondering how I should professionally write an email to the department in a way that does not come off as 'hey give me some money". Can anyone help me??


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3 years ago

That is a great question! I would format my email like this:

Good morning/afternoon/evening Mr/Mrs/Ms. [their name],

My name is [your name] and I am a student at [your school] in [state]. I will be attending the university as an upcoming freshman in the fall. The reason why I am emailing you today to learn more about the biology department since I would be coming as a biology major (I am assuming you are, if not you can erase this sentence). I was also wondering if you offer any grants or scholarships for upcoming freshmen? I hope I hear back from you soon and have a great rest of your day!


[Your Name]

I hope this helps! You can add on to it or get rid of something!

3 years ago

Hello! Congrats on your acceptance to your university.

When writing a financial aid email, start with talking about your interest in the school. Then, talk about how your financial situation has changed. This can be a lot of things. If there are any changes from your FASFA/2019 Tax, write about that. You want to make you appeal show that you want to go to that school, but you need more money.

Sometimes, you can include offers from other schools. If school A offered you $10,000 but the school you are going to offers you $7,500, you can say that if they can give you the $2,500 to match the offer school A gave. I don't know how your school works on comparing offers, but some allow it and some don't.

I hope this helped you out. Good luck!

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