6 months ago
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Finding Out-of-State School Scholarships


So I am attending school outside of my state. However, my schools are only promoting in-state scholarships.

Does anyone know where I can find scholarships for out-of-state students?


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6 months ago

There are numerous scholarship websites where you can get a scholarship! My favorite is ScholarshipOwl, however, you do have to pay a membership for it but I believe it is worth it. You can check out AccessScholarship which has blogs and scholarships you can apply to. There is also Blog.org, Fastweb.com, goingmerry, niche.com, and sooo much more! I recommend checking out these websites or others and see which platform you like! Make sure when you are applying for scholarships, look at their description and eligibility. There are some scholarships where you have to live in a certain state and etc. However, there are scholarships that it doesn't matter if you are planning on going to in-state or out-of-state schools! I hope this helps, good luck!

6 months ago

Online is always a good source!


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