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Will scholarships expire?

If I apply to scholarships as a high school sophomore (assuming that they are open to sophomores) and win some scholarships, will the money be removed if I do not enroll in college within a given amount of time?

For anyone who has won a scholarship, how do you receive the money?


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8 months ago

This would depend upon the scholarship itself. Many scholarships place restrictions on how long you have access to the scholarship for, and some require proof of enrollment at the university prior to receiving scholarship payouts. Some scholarships will pay cash directly to the student, while others will make payments directly to the college. I would recommend checking with the specific scholarships you would like to apply for you see what their policies are.

In addition, some scholarships ask you to apply to the scholarship in the year of your undergraduate class (instead of high school class). For example, if you are class of 2024 and are planning to take a gap year, some scholarships would ask you to apply to the scholarship as though you are from the class of 2025 (so that there is not an extra year between being awarded the scholarship and attending college).


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