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Paying for College

How does financial aid correlate with online calculators and EFC?

Title basically, if what the colleges give you (mostly Ivies+) is comparable or within a reasonable margin of error of what it predicts online

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8 months ago

Keep in mind that online calculators that you can use to calculate your cost of attendance is just an estimate. Your actual cost can be more or less than the tuition/financial aid it says on the calculator. For example, when I calculated my cost of attendance on the online estimating calculator (for Northeastern University), it said that I would I get financial aid but I would still have to pay the rest of the money. However, when I got accepted and got my financial award letter, I barely had to pay anything. So, don't let the price of tuition deter you form applying to the University!


8 months ago

I think it would be decently accurate as long as you fill out the information correctly. I recommend using the cost calculators from the actual school if they have one. Although one thing to consider is that your indirect costs may be less or more than what they estimate, so keep that in mind.


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