3 years ago
Paying for College

What should I do? I want to get the college experience too.

I am currently in my second year of college and would like to eventually go to Rutgers University- Newark but my parents have many issues with it.

Money: I do school all year round, so getting and finding a job isn't the easiest. There is also no time for me to be doing this. My parents also don't want me to work while in school making it harder for me to go off to college and live on campus. On the other hand, When it's work offered by the school it's ok--I'm allowed to do it.

Support: This may be obvious to some of you guys, but my parents are huge support networks and they think I need their support to get me through the day when I'm not feeling great.

Self-care: This is probably the most fearful aspect of living alone for my parents. They feel that I'm going to neglect myself as soon as I'm not under their supervision. I have severe asthma and taking care of it takes a huge part out of my day, but it is doable. I just have to manage my time more efficiently. Medication: They think that I'm not going to remember to take my medication. But I am showing them.

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3 years ago

Money: If your parents are okay with you working in school, then do that. Especially, because if you do work study, time will not really be an issue because the University knows you are a student so the work hours will not be long. Other than that, there a lot of work you can do online. You can do online tutoring, writer, etc. Here is a website if you are interested: https://www.thepennyhoarder.com/make-money/side-gigs/online-jobs-for-college-students/

Support: I totally understand. My parents are a huge source of motivation and support for me as well. But the thing is, I can't be with them always. I am also going to University out of state. That means I will see them in winter or summer break only. But being far away from them doesn't mean that I won't have their support. They will still always support me. I can still contact them (texting, video chat) when I am not feeling great or missing them even if I am away from them.

Self-care: You know yourself best. If you think you can take care of your asthma yourself, I don't see what's wrong in it. And about neglecting yourself, I wouldn't worry too much about that. Sure in the beginning, you might no be used to being alone by yourself but with a bit of time, you will learn to take care of yourself.

Medication: You can do it. But to help ease your parents worries, you can have a system built in with your parents. You text/call them after your every medication. Or to remind yourself to take medication, you can put reminders- sticky notes, alarm.

Hope this helps! :)


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