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International Student applying, are loans an option

I am an international student and I have decided not to apply for financial aid as many colleges and universities are not need-blind. Are loans a viable option for a university if they ask for proof of financial ability to pay?

A bit of a topic but are there any good merit-based scholarships that accept international students and are not bound to a specific school?

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I am an international student myself and would like to say everything @a.kafi239 is very true. I also wanted to add that there are many ways to secure funding for your college education. There are private firms offering scholarships to students to work for them such as the Bill Gates Foundation, consider such. Moreover you may approach firms in your country to ask for funding and then work for them at a later date after graduation. Both options are viable

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First of all, I will start by saying I am a domestic student so I might be unsure with some aspects that are for international students.

Before I answer your question about loans, I will highly suggest for you to apply to financial aid. It does not matter if a University is need-blind or not, you should apply for financial aid. You never know what you might get.

Also, if you are asked to show proof of financial ability to pay, I believe you can show loans. Just make sure you have an authorized and official letter from a student loan lender showing that you are getting the loan.

About merit scholarships, yes there are institutions or programs that give out merit scholarships for international students. Specifically, a lot of Universities have their own merit scholarships that they will give out to students upon their acceptance into the University. For some of the Universities, you might have to apply specifically for the merit scholarship while others will have you considered automatically when you apply. Also, I do want to point out that there are some Universities out there that will require you to fill out the FAFSA to get a merit scholarship.

If you are interested, here is a link where you can find which universities in America offer full scholarships to international students:


Hope this helps! :)

6 months ago

I think that depends on the university you'll choose to enroll in. I'm an international student as well, and my USA university does not offer a loan. I will take one from my local bank in my native country


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