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Real Scholarships

Whenever I look up scholarships I wonder if some of these are actually valid and not fake, how can you tell if they're real scholarships? And, are there any specific scholarships I should look for?

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@Ben6 months ago

I think going with a trusted site like college vine can help ensure the scholarship is valid

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6 months ago

It is probably fake it:

1. if it is requires you to pay

2. The website doesn't work well

3. it asks for weird info like your SSN

4. you can't find any outside info on it besides where you found it presumably on google.

It is probably real if:

1. your schools recommends it

2. it is well known, talked about on college planning blogs

3. it only asks for things like your school, grade level, GPA, and an essay

4. it has a legit website, properly functioning never asks for personal info other than email and basic schools stuff

I know this is probably very basic but all in all trust your gut and if your not sure you could always ask your counselor to take a look and see what they think. I also wanted to note to not mix up old with properly functioning. By that I mean glitchy, there are some from old college planning sites that might seem off but I later found them on the list my school provides.

6 months ago

I'll just add that there are some websites like Fastweb, bold.org, and niche that are pretty trustworthy.


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