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I really need help with high school. Can anyone give me a tip to improve my learning? I'm in grade 10 now

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Hello, I have already seen a couple of discussions on this forum about this topic and many wrote that you need to create your own videos and show your abilities on them. For example, try to record a video on your video camera and then convert this video using VOB file converter and upload it to some university website to get a scholarship. As far as I know, this is indeed a working way.

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Ooh, that's tough. The first thing I think you should do is find the root of the problem. Are there certain classes you struggle in? Is it just harder/takes more time for you to comprehend concepts? Do you lack motivation? I definitely struggle with the last one, so one way to make learning more fun AND make it quicker and easier is by finding how learning comes naturally to you. For example, say you're playing a game for the first time--is it easiest to understand the rules when someone tells them to you (auditory), when you read the instructions/watch a video online (visual), or by actually playing the game (tactile)? A lot of the time, people struggle with learning bc they’re trying to learn the wrong way, so if you tailor it to your personal preferences, it can make a huge difference. It’s the reason common core helps some people and not others—it’s meant for people that are visual/tactile learners, not auditory. It’s hard now, when (depending on covid restrictions in your area) you can only learn on zoom or limited environments, so you might need to put in extra effort outside of school. Look up videos if that will help you, and if necessary, invest in a tutor. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! And it’s hard when something you are required to learn is something you’re not interested in at all (for me it’s Chemistry.) For things like that you really just have to self-motivate. I bribe myself with special treats/nights out, etc. when I accomplish something in a tougher class or one I dislike. It’s really up to you, so just kinda test out different methods and see what works best for you as an individual. Personalize your learning!

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