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Paying for College

I’m 13 years old I need to go to collage at 18 in 2026

Hi my name is Hannah [edited] I’m 13 years old i need to go to San Francisco state university I need help my studies are ok

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Hello Hannah, welcome to CollegeVine! Unfortunately, I'm not really sure what your question is. Could you please elaborate on what you're asking? Are you asking how you would be able to get into San Francisco University, how to pay for it, or maybe both? Thanks in advance.

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6 months ago

If you are aiming for San Francisco State University, I would say to aim for a GPA of around 3.5 unweighted (so basically a mix of B's and A's) throughout your high school career. Find people in your classes that understand the material thoroughly and don't be afraid to ask for help with studying or clarifying something you don't quite understand. Some of the most helpful online resources I found was Quizlet and Quizizz. Take some honors/Pre-AP and AP classes (or dual credit works as well) to challenge yourself and prepare yourself for colleges. Most importantly, find a few extracurriculars or clubs at school you can do and enjoy doing to add to your college resume. Paying for college will come from a combination of financial aid and scholarships if you do excel enough in school, but try not to stress too much early on. You got this.

7 months ago

Hello Hannah! This is really early to be looking at just one college. I would suggest just making sure you have a well-balanced course load, taking mathematics, science, and social studies every year, as well as some AP courses. Try to choose one language and study that all 4 years of high school as well. Get involved in clubs, student government, sports, community service, and other extra-curricular activities. Get good grades.

I am sure if you do these things well, you will have no trouble getting into San Francisco State University!

Good luck, and enjoy high school!


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