3 years ago
Paying for College

Are these scholarships legit?

I see the emails of people who win these scholarships with just 1 karma or with just bidding 7 karma.

Since I created my account I have reviewed countless essays to build up my karma to bid and possibly win one.

I am from a low-income family and I don't even have my own bank account, I just desperately need a way to pay for college.

I always see that the more karma you bid increases your chances of winning but is it real if someone could win with just 1 bid?

I'm not trying to judge anyone or be mean; I just need some serious motivation to keep trying, I just want to know that I'm working hard for something that's real.

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3 years ago [edited]

Hey @scholasticm, welcome to CollegeVine! My name is Tim and I'm the Product Manager for CV Scholarships. I can indeed verify that we are really giving away these Scholarships each week. As a part of our prize acceptance process, we ask the recipient to make a Prize Acceptance Video. We've accumulated lots of these videos from students just like you; soon we'll be displaying them on the Scholarships Dashboard.

3 years ago

If you would like another way to improve your chances (and earn more Karma) you can earn up to 1,850 Karma on the Scholarships Dashboard by Nominating friends. Best of luck!

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3 years ago

Yes these are legit scholarships and it is possible to win a scholarship with less karma points, but I believe it is more difficult. If you’re looking for other websites that have specific scholarships no based on points, going merry, fastweb, scholarship.com, cappex, college board, and niche. I do recommend that you either go into settings and limit the emails from these sites or use a specific email for them because they do send plenty of emails.

3 years ago[edited]

While the CollegeVine scholarships are legit, being a drawing rather than a merit, essay, or need-based competition means you don't have a very good chance of winning.

I would suggest looking at other avenues to pay for college.(don't stop applying here though, you never know when you might get lucky!) Fill out the FAFSA and CSS to see how much federal aid you qualify for. Applications open October 1st for those applying for the Fall '22 semester in college.

External scholarships are also a fantastic resource. My personal favorite place to look is on Goingmerry.com, but Fastweb.com and Scholarships.com are also good places to look. They have the same function, but you might find more opportunities by combining them all.

Be wary of scholarships that don't ask for much information. This usually means they are just drawings and will likely have thousands of entries. You have a much better chance at winning competition based scholarships. Less people will enter if its a significant amount of work, giving you a better chance not only because of lower competition, but because you are in control of how good you do on the work! Write a stellar essay, keep your grades up, go above and beyond what's "required" for the scholarship and you'll do great.

Many schools offer very generous need-based aid.(especially the Ivies.) So make sure to find out how much yours are offering. Also, find out if you qualify for a work-study program.

Don't give up and best of luck this year!

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2 years ago

Hey, I know this is an ancient post but if anyone is wondering, this is a totally legit scholarship! I won a while back :) I don’t know if they still show the “videos” of the winners but if there’s a girl with a yellow cardigan, that’s me! Getting a new iPad was out of reach for my family until I won $700 from CollegeVine and after putting it away into a medium-interest account my parents had, the $700 grew to pay for 90% of the iPad and it’s accessories. I’m so excited for it to arrive in time for my freshman year of college.

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