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What major should I take to prepare me for medical school? Also, should I go to community college instead of a university to help me save for medical school? Last question, will these classes help me prepare for medical school in high school and is it a good idea to take these classes?

I already looked into this, but I would love to have more information. If this helps I am good with math, chemistry, and biology. After summer I will be in 12th grade. I should be taking AP computer science A, AP environmental science, medical microbiology, Honors pre-Cal, physics, economics and government, and English 4.

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Hello, I am not sure if you know this but you can choose any major and still get into medical school. Not many people know this, however, there are majors that would prepare you for medical school. Based on a website, it suggests that Biological Science is a good major if you want to go to medical school. With community college, this is a choice that many people take, and it's a great choice in my opinion. However, the downside is that there is a possibility that some of your credits might not be able to transfer. If you are looking into community college, I recommend finding out what classes you would need to take and if those classes' credits are transferrable. Also, I think those are strong classes! They also seem to be difficult as well so you should really be studying in your upcoming senior year. Another thing I like to mention is extracurriculars, if you are interested in medical school, try to find volunteering work or internships involving the medical field over the summer! I hope this helps! Here is the website about the majors:(https://medschoolinsiders.com/pre-med/the-best-pre-med-major-backed-by-med-school-acceptance-data/#:~:text=If%20your%20top%20priority%20is%20getting%20into%20medical,studying%20something%20that%20is%20of%20interest%20to%20you.)

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1) I can tell you right off the bat that when it comes to medical school, it is SUCH a diverse field of topics and there are so many fields to choose from. But then again with, that being said, if I'm being honest, I think that pretty much everyone in the medical field knows their fair share of biology. Biology is literally the study of life, and since you are dealing with patients everyday, you're going to be seeing a lot of lives, so biology can help you with that. Good for you, you said that you're good with biology AND chemistry (which is also awesome because medicine and chemistry are heavily related), so it seems like you have a little leg-up. Again, I would say, PLEASE figure just what kind of medicine you want to do (nursing, researcher, doctor, etc..) and what field (microbiology, psychology, sociology, etc...), because that will truly help you in the future, and make you more qualified for certain jobs with more money in the future. But, if you absolutely must, I think biology is a good major for a good foundation in the medical field.

2) With something as precise and universal as medicine, I don't think it matters if you go to a community college or elite university. It's the same formulas and systems worldwide, so I don't think it really matters. Sure, the elite colleges might have more internships and whatever, but if it might break your bank, community college isn't a bad place to start. (Unless you get a full 4-year ride to Harvard or Duke, then take that thing as fast as you can)

3) I think the classes you are taking next year are good. By you saying that you are good at biology, math, and chemistry, I supposed to have taken them before to be good at them. Also, I noticed "medical microbiology", and I think that's even better, because not only have you narrowed down, what type of medicine you like, but it's so specific that colleges are going to LOVE the fact that you might want to apply for a "medical microbiology" major when you've taken that class already. I wish you the best of luck!

-Hope this helps!

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