3 years ago
Paying for College

how to pay without financial aid

hey! so for college, i don't qualify for financial aid because of my parents' incomes. the problem is we have four kids total including me with one already in college, and so they don't have much disposable income. they have to help send all four of us to college, and i don't know how to help pay for it. i have had jobs but make minimum wage and am unable to work much with my busy schedule. any suggestions??? thanks!

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3 years ago

A lot of colleges offer some really nice scholarships depending on which school it is. But, my advice to you is to just do good and stand out, in which it can increase your chances of getting scholarship money through the college or other programs. Or, if that doesn't help you also can join organizations that offers scholarship money, and also you can apply for scholarships online.

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3 years ago

Here are the usual methods of paying.

1. financial aid, federal and private

2. work study (I don't know if it's part of financial aid but in the college booklets I've received it is listed as separate. It might depend on the school for this one.)

3. Independent work- A regular minimum wage job

4. scholarships

5. Loans.

I'm assuming you got turned down for the FAFSA application aid. I don't know for certain but I would try looking into private financial aid. I recommend you start with the college board's financial aid I currently can't remember the name of. I think it was CSS? Next I would look into how work study works for your top choices. A part time job won't cover all your costs but it will a least help with most indirect costs like clothes. You could try to find a reoccurring job you could do on breaks when you should have more time like tutoring. Scholarships are near the end because they have to be won and writing essays/applying takes a decent amount of work and time. I recommend searching for specific ones like stem, teaching, or ones for minorities. At the end of the list is loans. They aren't recommended as by the time you can regularly pay them back in full you will likely have a large amount of interest piled up and who knows what other fees. I wouldn't get any unless you have a concrete plan on how you will pay it back without building an unmanageable amount of debt or don't have another option. If this is the case you could borrow money from family as they aren't likely to charge interest. It can get tricky if they need it back before you can pay them and could cause arguments to so I would consider that to.

I hope this makes some sense, this is not proofread so I apologize all the mistakes. Welcome to the community, I hope it serves you well.

3 years ago[edited]

My recomendation is scholarships and loans.

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