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How many scholarships is enough?

It's the summer before senior year and I don't know how many scholarships I should be applying for. Do I stop at a certain amount? Do I keep going if the award is too small? Or do I keep going to see if I can accomplish paying for my first year of university? I don't know and the worst part is I have to wait to find out but what if I don't get enough to provide for the first year. Then my educational goals will be crushed.

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This truly depends on how much your college costs. I would recommend seeing how much you make in a year and comparing it to the cost of a year of the college. You should aim for at least 2-4 that you are guaranteed.

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4 months ago

Hey, I am also a rising senior applying for scholarships! The advice I have gotten from people is to keep applying for scholarships, there is no such thing as applying to certain amounts of scholarships. Try to apply to a variety of different scholarships such as smaller scholarships (low award amount), full-ride scholarships, no-essay scholarships, and local scholarships. This would give you more of a chance of winning one. Also, try to set aside time each week to apply to at least 3 scholarships! Hope this helps!

3 months ago

My reccomendation is to Apply to every scholarship you can find that you are eligible for.


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