6 months ago
Paying for College

Paying for school on your own

Although financial aid will assist me in college, and hopefully some scholarships. I'm going to get a job soon and start saving money each month, is it possible to save at least 5,000 dollars for school. I'll be a senior September


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6 months ago

Is your question just asking if you can save $5,000 before you attend college? If you are able to get a job it is definitely possible if you are smart with your money. If you're able to open a high interest savings account or something similar just put the money there and make sure not to withdraw it unless you need to.

If you get a job and start August 1, 2021 you'll have around 12-13 months before you begin college. You'll need to save anywhere from around $380-$420 a month depending on when you start school. Very doable assuming you can get the hours and the pay is reasonable.


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