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Does University of Cincinnati give full financial aid to international students?

I am an international student applying to University of Cincinnati this fall but it won't be possible without full financial aid. The website of Cincinnati is saying two different things about financial aid. If anyone here could elaborate on the aid for international students at Cincinnati?


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6 months ago[edited]

The University of Cincinnati doesn't provide full financial aid to international students.

They do have 2 scholarships for international students (Presidential Scholarship and another one exclusively for internationals). The Presidential Scholarship provides $94k distributed in four years i.e. around $23500 per year. That won't be enough to cover ALL the expenses (According to their website, the yearly cost of attendance is somewhere around $30k-35k). So while you may get significant aid, it won't cover all costs.

In addition to that, The University of Cincinnati has no full need-based financial aid for internationals.

It's still a good school nonetheless so if you can afford to fork out $10k-15k every year, consider applying.


Some general advice-

I would advise you to be ready to pay at least $5k-7k per year if you're planning to apply to colleges in the US. Even full need-based aid doesn't usually cover all living expenses (Visa Expenses, flight tickets, other living expenses like international caller packages) and is usually coupled with student loans.

So if you manage to get a full need-based financial aid, it might look something like this-

1.University Grants (Financial Contribution by the university. You will NOT need to repay this amount)

2. Parent's/Student's Contribution (It will be 0 if you truly need full financial aid)

3. Student Work-Study (Part-time job) (Your part-time job earnings will be calculated in your financial aid package so it's not "extra money". It will go towards your tuition/expenses and will be counted in the financial aid package.)

4. Student Loans (You will have to repay this after graduating)

Note: If you get a merit-based SCHOLARSHIP, then your aid package will not contain loans or student work-study.


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