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Paying for College

How can I make the chances of me going to college for free greater?

In terms of scholarships to apply for

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@Texas_Student3 years ago

Study for your ACT/SAT. Apply to lots of scholarships. Take AP/IB/dual credit courses.

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3 years ago

In terms of scholarships, apply to a TON! Especially scholarships that are specified to a strength that you have. For example, if you have top notch grades then merit-based scholarships are a good route. Typically merit-bases scholarships can be competitive (depending on the ones you apply for) so try your best.

You can also apply for financial aid. If the aid is granted then you'll ultimately have to pay less. It won't necessarily be free, but it will still be cheaper!

Hope this helped, and best of luck!

3 years ago

I would strongly recommend trying to get the best grades possible in Highschool, since then colleges will be more willing to provide you with merit based scholarships. Also, scoring really high on the SAT and ACT can also get you a lot of scholarships for academics.

Apply for as many scholarships as possible on many different sites. Find ones that relate to something that makes you unique so that you have a greater chance of winning it. No matter the scholarship amount, it still helps.

You can also ask your admissions officer or counselor at college if there are any school specific scholarships, grants, or financial aid that you would be able to get. Remember, ever little bit counts.

Also, try to minimize your costs of college in general. If you apply to multiple colleges, you can go to the one that offers you the best financial package, and then pay the rest with other scholarships.

Other than that, remember that every little bit of free money counts towards your goal. Good luck!!

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