3 months ago
Paying for College

How to get a scholarship for international students?

I've been dreaming to study abroad but the expenses are pretty high. Where can I apply for scholarships, especially for the Ivy League?

@Iam0bert3 months ago

Hey so ivy like Harvard and Columbia meet 100% demonstrated need.

@Iam0bert3 months ago

If your parents earn under 65 000 USD and you get in you dont have to pay tuition, room and board.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@mewbuttercupkez3 months ago

Alright thank you!!

@unior3 months ago

@mewbuttercupkez @Iam0bert Not really. People do pay even if the family earns less than $65k. Your best bet to know how much you'll have to pay is to run the Net Price Calculator.

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3 months ago

Well, if your profile is Ivy-league standard, you don't really need to worry about finances. Most (if not all) Ivy leagues give very good aid to students.

The only thing I'd be concerned about is what your 'Expected Family Contribution' i.e. EFC is. It's not something which you can 'say'. It is calculated based on your family's income, assets, etc. You should run the NPC (net price calculator) of each college you want to go to so that you will have an idea about the amount of money you'll have to contribute. You will be able to find the NPC on the college's website (or just google 'collegename net price calculator'). Now, this is all about 'aid', not scholarships.

From the limited knowledge I have, I don't think Ivy leagues offer lots of merit-based scholarships. One I have heard of is the Tata-Cornell scholarship but I think it's only for Indians. Check out each college's website and you'll find out what scholarships they give.

Honestly, you will need to be one of the best students in the world to actually get merit scholarships from Ivy leagues.


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