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Chances of Admission. Scholarships for International Studnents

I have made it a habit to constantly check for scholarships and essay competitions that I am eligible for seeing as I am an international student from Africa as a matter of fact which makes it hard for me to build my college list according to top schools that have better admission chances for international students, financial aid, build my resume to be good enough for prestigious schools and scholarships. Yet, all the websites which have been suggested in previous post always ask for the high school of applicant which is not among the ones registered in the platform.

Any advice?

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3 months ago

Hello! I too struggled since I'm a low income international student from the Philippines. The sad reality is, as international students, getting into a school with a full-ride scholarship is harder for us than domestic students. This is because most schools who are need blind to us (Amherst, MIT, Yale, Princeton, and Harvard) are all reach schools and hard to get into.

What I did is I focused on improving my profile in terms of the things that I can change. This means upping my extracurriculars, and committing my time outside of school (I can't change my transcript since our school doesn't offer any IB/AP/Honors classes). I have also considered applying to few schools which gives great scholarships to int students that aren't as hard as ivies. These are Case Western, Rensselaer Polytechnic University, etc. However, they are very limited.

What I think of to stay reassured is that admission counselors aren't gonna compare my application to the same domestic students. From what I know, we are viewed in comparison to other int students who comes from our region.

If you can't find your high school, this probably means that it isn't yet registered internationally, which is a problem most int students relate to. This means that you should always have a copy of your school's information as you are gonna keep retyping them manually.


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