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How do you budget properly for off campus life(rent, other expenses) as a freshman? Is it really reccomended? I understand it's hard but I've been living with people all my life and I need a break. I don't really want to go home for break due to family issues during college so I've been considering that as an option. If I do get a roommate with an apartment, I understand it will make expenses easier. I heard that you miss out on certain activities if you live off campus. I live on the east coast (NJ) if that helps and I plan on applying to colleges in these areas (DC) (PA) (NJ) (DE) (MD)

@DebaterMAX2 months ago

Please double check your school doesn't have a requirement to live on campus the first year.

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Some schools have a requirement for out of state students to live on campus for the first year or more, if yours does you can check to see if they have single rooms or single apartment or single suite style rooms if you would be ok with those types of rooms, for off campus you would have figure out what your expenses will be and then If you can afford it then make sure to put away enough money to pay for it, if you can't afford it you can try dividing those fees among roommate(s) and see if then you can afford it, hope this helps.


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