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Financial aid

I am an international student , I was just wondering if I am supposed to apply for financial aid , could u please guide me and help me out with this , Thanks ....

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2 months ago

Hello! As a fellow international students, I have also considered applying for financial aid. You would want to research more on the CSS Profile as that is the form that colleges requires you to submit so they can determine the aid they're going to give you. The CSS profile can be found on the College Board Website and will open on Oct 1 this year.

Bear in mind that filling out the form cost $9 while sending it out to schools cost $16 each. I would advise that you try to first if the schools that you're applying to actually gives financial aid to international students. If you feel like the CSS Profile is gonna cost you, some schools offer waivers or alternative form like the International Student Aid Form (not sure If I got it right) Although not every school has this option.


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