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How do you start applying for scholarships ,etc. as a junior in HS?

Junior in HS

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2 months ago

Applying for scholarships can be very easy! Here are a few starter sites;







-Scholarship owl

There are many more sites out there! Keep exploring!

2 months ago

Hi @Knovak!

There are a few ways to apply for scholarships as a high school junior. First, you can find scholarships in your local community - for example, you can go to your school's office and see if any organizations or companies are looking for scholarship submissions or if your school is offering any directly.

Another way to look for scholarships is online. There are plenty of free websites with scholarships, but it can be hard to find legitimate ones and even harder to get them. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Don't apply for scholarships that are easy to apply to, or are just email/sign-up-based. These are really difficult to get as they have a lot of applicants and the bar for entry is low. For a scholarship to be more attainable, you'll want to find ones that ask for a GPA, resume, essay, and other components that you can submit. You can also look for scholarships with narrow applicant pools, like ones just for juniors, just for students in your county/state, or just for your prospective career - or a combination of these restrictions. Finding scholarships that you qualify for and can submit a meaningful response to will increase your chances of actually winning them.

For more on scholarships, check out this blog article on our site: https://blog.collegevine.com/15-college-scholarships-for-high-school-juniors/

2 months ago

Hey, you can start applying to scholarships now! I have won scholarships as a junior and they may be limited since there are more scholarships available for seniors and college students but you can find some on ScholarshipOwl. Hope this helps!


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