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Hello everyone hope you are well. Ik pretty much everyone says US admission is a holistic process but yet some things can be said about it. I have heard a lot of time in terms of ecs that colleges like well rounded applicants more so I thought to use of this. Also considering my curious nature I love learning different things that’s what I wanted to portray in my application but have to rethink it now. Besides,I also have 2areas which I am really passionate about but they aren’t related to my major. I was reading some blogs today where it was said being well rounded is mediocre that’s not enough for college admissions. I am at lost now and don’t know what to do . Should I just skip the others stuffs which I don’t have much achievements but just loved doing the works.

Will be grateful if I get some suggestion.

Sorry for the long post.


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2 months ago

You should keep in mind that colleges want to admit you based on you, not a version of you that you made just to make yourself look "better". If you like a particular club, then continue to do it (unless you have such a tight schedule that leaving that club is the best option for you). When you're interested in something, you will put more work into it. Also, depending on your grade, you shouldn't just drop clubs to join others last minute. Colleges like to see consistency with ecs (for example, they would rather see a student in an environmental club for 4 years than one in a different club every single year). If your major is something you really want to pursue, then you can maybe take away one of your previous ones and add a new one relating to your major but don't leave all of them.


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