2 months ago
Paying for College

If I don't get a full ride, how to pay the rest as an intnl student without loans after a partial scholarship?

What are the different options for paying the rest of the money at a 2 tier college after a 50% scholarship? Possible private scholarships I could apply?

International student, Gpa: 3.5, Intended major: Pre-med majors.

@cosmo2 months ago

You could try getting a job. If that's out of the list, check your schools' website. Many schools offer international scholarships. You can also explore websites like Bold.org and Niche. Both help with scholarships.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@curiousjewel2 months ago

Thanks...that was quite helpful!

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2 months ago

Hi there @curiousjewel,

A good no-loan option for international student is looking for scholarships. You can find some examples of scholarships at U.S. colleges for international students. https://blog.collegevine.com/u-s-college-scholarships-for-international-students/

Good luck with your search!


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