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Scholarship Ideas for American Living Abroad?

I attend a high school in Ghana and so I am not eligible for USA scholarship since they would need school name and address for scholarships. I can also not apply for international scholarships since I am American by birth. Are there any websites that may not require such information, and therefore may offer me scholarships.

I am really at an impasse since I went to both raiseme.com and bold.org and I couldn't access their wide range of scholarship offers.



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2 months ago

Hi there,

It can be difficult to find scholarships in your situation and I'm sorry to hear that you're caught in this predicament. There are a ton of online scholarships available, though - so it's worth giving a shot to exploring scholarships online.

When looking for scholarships, you might be tempted to apply to easy, one-click options or raffle-style scholarships. Though it doesn't hurt to do this, we at CollegeVine recommend that you also go for scholarships that have some barrier to entry, such as a GPA cutoff, test score minimum, or essay component. Doing these things and making them well-thought out will make you stand out in a slimmer applicant pool and increase your chances of getting a scholarship. You can also look for scholarships along your future career, such as pre-law or pre-med, as you might be able to use content from your supplemental essays to craft meaningful application responses.

Hope this helps!


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