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How to get/apply for school-specific full ride scholarships?

I am a high school junior currently trying to figure out the college admission process, paying for college, etc. I want to ideally get a merit-based scholarship for whatever school I end up going to. How do I go about finding schools that will offer merit-based full rides. I am very new to this, so I do not know much.

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Merit-based scholarships can be earned by test scores, GPA, residency, or others. Schools also offer scholarships that aren't exactly merit-based, but those scholarships can still help you pay for college.

Colleges/universities often have scholarships for certain majors or schools. For example, if you were in the "school of engineering", you'd check the school's engineering site for more information. This can most likely be found on the admissions page.

Most colleges/universities offer merit-based scholarships. Merit-based scholarships often offer full tuition. Schools like "The University of Alabama" and "Arizona State University" offer full-ride merit scholarships. I suggest you either search a college/universities website or use college sites, to better your chances.

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I'm not sure if there is a single place you could search, as full-ride scholarships are very often school-specific.

My best advice would be to search the websites of the colleges you're thinking about applying to - or, alternatively, those that interest you - to see if they offer a full-ride merit scholarship. Many highly-ranked schools offer at least one, if not more, but these are often very competitive.

I'd also advise you to look for other sources of scholarships, such as department- or school-specific or those from third parties.

Best of luck!


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