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What other scholarships or opportunities are there if I can't sign up for FAFSA?

I'm a senior and it's that time of year where we have to sign up for FAFSA but because of personal reasons, I can not sign up for FAFSA so I was wondering if there are any other scholarships that are specifically for those who can't sign up for FAFSA? I really want to go to college and there have been scholarships that I could get but I can't because of FAFSA :( Can someone help me?

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There is a lot of Scholarship websites. and talk to your counselor

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Most colleges/universities offer full-ride merit scholarships based on GPA, grades, and test scores. Colleges/universities may also have scholarships dedicated to certain schools. For example, if you major in art, there may be art scholarships provided. Check your schools' admissions page for more.

As a Sophomore, I use these websites for scholarships. I have won a few myself. You can check out these websites.







You can find other scholarships easily. Try a google search for "college scholarships." Most college scholarships can be found on websites that help with the college search and admissions process.

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