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Paying for College

Ever since sophomore year up to now (senior yr) I been sick which caused my gpa to drop to a 2.5 Do I have a chance?

I got an undiagnosed illness since 10th grade which really affected me and turned everything upside down. I really want to get into a good university and study psychology since I aspire to become a clinical psychologist but because of my poor health during the school years it ruined my gpa and now I have a 2.5 gpa... I’m scared that I won’t be accepted by a good university... This senior year I been trying my best in involving myself with activities such as becoming leaders of two clubs, playing sports and doing many more projects in school but do you guys think that is enough...?

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28 days ago

I'm going to have to be brutally honest with you. No amount of ECs, unless you are the worldwide champion in HS psychology contests, will counteract the negative effects your illness had on your GPA. I'm very sorry to hear that happened to you. However, you do have options. First of all, there is no law that says you have to graduate college by age 21. So, you can retake your sophomore year and get better grades. (And do the same thing with your junior year if you think it is worth it.) Also, GPA is not the sole determining factor in admission. While most colleges do have a higher average GPA, there are also the SAT, ACT, and AP classes that colleges look at for admissions. Your GPA is in the 70th percentile and what is more, can be raised by getting good grades. So take the SAT and ACT and perhaps redo your sophomore year, and you can recover academically. Good luck, hope this helps.


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