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I did watch both collegevine recording of FAFSA & CSS. I have couple of questions. From the recording clear that you only complete FAFSA if you are looking Financial aid. Otherwise no need. And CSS is mainly for the 300+ private colleges. Now questions,

1. If my parents income high and if I complete both FAFSA & CSS, is there any benefit?

2. Even for merit-based scholarship, does college look FAFSA/CSS or not needed?

3. Still confuse who supposed to complete FAFSA/CSS, Student/Parents? In FAFSA website mentioned if student is dependent which is correct in this case, then parents need to complete the FAFSA. Not sure about CSS. I did search and every place mentioned student need to complete or student can share save key to complete the financial information.

4. CSS charged $25 per college to send the info? Is there any alternative method to complete and send it to colleges. I am applying 5 colleges. Tried to save some bucks here.

5. Did anybody really getting scholarship from the sites available such as CollegeXpress, Niche, ScholarshipOwl, ScholarshipPoints etc. They might selling information to marketing company for their business. Any thought on these websites?

I don't want to put financial pressure to my parents and searching all over place if I can help my parents next 4 years on my won with entire college expenses.

Thank You.


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13 days ago

1. Yes! Even if your parents make above $100,000 per year, you may still receive aid depending on a variety of other factors. Some colleges may also require at least the FAFSA for part of your application, so it's pretty important.

2. Like I said before, the FAFSA is important, but I don't think it factors into merit-based scholarships necessarily.

3. I completed the FAFSA myself (haven't done the CSS), but I definitely needed my parents with me to provide tax information, their history/SSN/etc, so I would say you could do it either way. The FAFSA asks who is filling it out, so it works regardless!

4. If your parents make above a certain income level, I don't think there's a way to avoid the CSS fee, but there may be alternative methods that I don't know about.

5. I haven't personally won any, but I use pretty much all of the sites you mentioned. You can always read their privacy policies and terms of service, and avoid putting in your address or SSN if you want to stay cautious.


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