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Paying for College

Which scholarships are the easiest to get

I barely have money and I really need scholarships so i can go to a really good school

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Try out raise.me they give out a bunch of micro-scholarships for things you've already done like taking classes, visiting colleges, etc.

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2 months ago

The ones that are easiest to apply to and easiest to get are two entirely different categories.

Some easy scholarships are found at: Niche, Bold.org, Cappex, and ScholarshipPoints.

The ones you are most likely to get would be the hardest to apply for. This has some good ideas on how to actually earn scholarships: https://collegerealitycheck.com/scholarships-nobody-applies/.

One specific scholarship that requires a lot of work (but you might have a good shot at winning): https://www.ngsgenealogy.org/competitions/rubincam-youth-award/. I have looked at this one several times, but I decided I did not have the time/patience to do it.

26 days ago

You should stack up on as much scholarships as you can find. However, you are more likely to win scholarships with essays and a lot of requirements because the application pool is much smaller then no essay scholarships so you literally have a higher chance of winning scholarships.

2 months ago

Scholarships are like clothing. Some fit, and others don't. You should research and apply for charitable foundation and corporate scholarships that match your background, identity, experiences, interests, and intended major. Choose the right scholarships for you, prioritize smaller scholarships that are less competitive and easier to get, and apply early. Tell a specific and relevant personal story that resonates with the organization's values.

Here's a quick overview of scholarships, how to organize your scholarship applications, and how to write a great scholarship essay. https://www.scribbr.com/college-essay/scholarship-essay/


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