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Where are the best places to find scholarships?

Hello, I have been applying for scholarships for the past few months but all of them are very popular and I cant find many good ones that fit my unique identity. Many websites have you pay for stuff or are difficult to use. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good resource for this? Thanks!

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@lele_82 months ago

I don't think a scholarship website that is reliable would make you pay- if they ask you for a credit card number or guarantee a prize, it is not reliable; it may be a fraud. One reliable website is Scholarships360, it will show you scholarships that are right for you. Hope this helps. :)

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2 months ago

First of all, if a website makes you pay for a scholarship or entry to one, don't ever do it.

Also, collegeboard and naviance have scholarships available and you can pick your unique characteristics to filter the search down. Also, just google whatever characteristics you have and find scholarships there, again if they ask you to pay then don't do it. There are a ton of websites that cater to very specific characteristics

2 months ago

I've been using scholarship 360, its free to make an account and has a pretty good amount of scholarships listed, My first time on showed 370,000 bucks in potential scholarships


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