2 months ago
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How many scholarships should I apply for and what kind?

I'm a senior and I was wondering how many scholarships I should aim to apply for each month? Additionally, is it more beneficial to apply for a bunch of sweepstakes like scholarships, ones with specific requirements, or both?

Thank you!

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2 months ago

You should apply to scholarships as much as you can. Like hanabrite said, every week should be good. I suggest to entering both. Play by your strengths with the special requirements one. Only enter scholarships that require essays when you have time because those can be time consuming. Sweepstakes are good because they're usually easy to enter. The more you enter, the more likely you'll win one. But remember, many people enter sweepstakes. This makes it unlikely for you to win, so you shouldn't depend on it.

2 months ago

I just recently started applying for scholarships, but I think your best bet is to at least apply for one every weekend. Every weekend I will apply for a new scholarship. I think applying for whatever suits you best is what you should go for. I apply for a lot of STEM-related scholarships and other ones that I qualify for. I've never applied for a sweepstakes one so I can't help you there but really, just take every opportunity you can! Good luck!


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