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Paying for College

Scholarships for Freshmen

Hi! Do you know of any good scholarships for freshmen? Larger monetary value and simplicity are appreciated, but not required. Thanks!

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3 years ago

Hello freshman, I am a Senior(HS) going through a lot of scholarship and financial aid processes and I do wish I started a bit earlier so props to you for doing so! On that note, I would like to give you some advice that my finance teacher told me when I was a freshman. Get a job or side hussle going and save, save, save your money. Look for a good part-time job that has decent pay, flexible hours, and best of all benefits! Start your 401k as soon as you start working, even if its just for the summer.

There are not too many scholarships out there to my knowledge for younger HS kids like yourself. I suggest that you talk to a college advisor and have them help you organize or compile a list of any financial information you'll need for the future like filling out the fasfa. Another thing that might help you even more (I really wish I did more of this) is look at a ton of annual scholarships and start making rough draft supplemental essays that you can edit/revise for the next few years and use them when you apply as a senior.

Don't stress with them though, its in your best interest to be getting involved with clubs, sports, volunteer work and anything that'll build good character. Don't get stuck staring at a computer all day trying to perfect essays and schoolwork. Take it from me, go out and do things that make you want to live! Find some love in this big world because what is the point of hunting for scholarships or having perfect applications if you do know what you want to do in life? or what you want from life?

I hope that my advice gives you some guidance and is not lost in all these words. College Vine is a brilliant tool that really helped me get my foot in the door with all things college so really work it to your advantage!

3 years ago

Can you clarify your question? Scholarships for freshman year of high school or college?

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