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What type of scholarships should I aim for?

There are thousands of different scholarships, and I do not know exactly where to start. Should I apply for a bunch of smaller scholarships or take the time to fill out the more rewarding ones? Which websites are best for applying for them as well?

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3 years ago

Hi there @LewisD,

Great question! There are several ways to search for scholarships that will ensure you're applying to the ones you have the best chances of getting.

First, check that you fit all the requirements. Some scholarships are restricted by grade, demographics, or financial need. Then, make sure there is some evaluative component and that means the scholarship in question is not just a raffle-type of scholarship, and that you are being evaluated on some merit-based criteria such as your grades or an essay you write for the scholarship.

Another way to find a smaller applicant pool is to look for local scholarships. Law firms, rotary clubs, and even your school district itself might offer scholarships to students exclusively from your high school/local area.

We also have an entire Scholarships section on our blog that you can parse through to get inspiration or find scholarships.

Hope this helps and best of luck!

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