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Paying for College

What are some scholarships meant for college I can get in high school?

Are there any scholarships to apply for where they hold the money for you until college?

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Many scholarships will let you apply as a senior in highschool (and some even let you apply as a junior). Most don't let you apply until you are a senior because they will hold onto the money you may win and send it straight to your school once you commit. They do not want to have to hold onto it for multiple years.

Websites like Unigo, scholarships.com, bold.org, and CollegeBoard Scholarship Search can use your information (grade, interests, demographics) to sort these scholarships and find which ones may be best for you!

Some states even offer a scholarship compendium which can be a great resource. For example, I am in Delaware and the Delaware Scholarship Compendium helps me find lots of local scholarships. Local scholarships are good because they have a much smaller applicant pool than national scholarships. Smaller applicant pool=higher chances to win!

It has helped me greatly to make a spreadsheet of scholarships I am applying to as well as their deadlines, essay prompts, and more. It helps me keep things organized.

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Hi there @julietprocope,

@OliviaKnestaut gave a really good answer to this question! Usually, when you get a scholarship in high school, it is either given to you then in cash (usually for smaller, local scholarships), or is paid directly to your school once you submit your Statement of Intent to Register (after apps season and acceptances are over).

Hope this helps!


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