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Paying for College

out of state tuition

I really want to go to an out of state university like Vermont or Connecticut but how would I pay? I have decent grades and am hoping to get scholarships because of that. My family is also low income so would I be able to have most of the costs covered by financial aid?


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3 years ago

That would depend on which schools you apply to. Some only offer partial aid while others offer 100% need based aid. This means it depends per school to decide how much of your demonstrated need they will fund. Another thing to look at aside from what types of scholarships the schools offer (merit, need-based, major specific, etc.) is what their aid is comprised of. Pay attention to what it says. Some schools may say they have high aid offers but that isn't the best if 15% or more of the aid package is student loans. Does that make sense?

Using myself as an example one of the schools I applied to gave me a financial aid package that was around $90,000 yearly in grants and scholarships, $12,000 in student loans per semester and 0% work study. That means I would have to figure out how to pay for the loans by myself and hope I or my parents don't get into debt which of course would be easier if the loan amount wasn't so much. I recommend you look into that yourself since you have a clear picture of what might be doable for you. I certainly don't know enough about loans but I know unless you are certain you can make the minimum monthly payment they should be avoided as they can hurt your credit score and such, the good thing though is that student loans tend to be more forgiving so again I would look into it.

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