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Can I apply for college-specific scholarships without binding myself to the school?

Hey all! I was accepted to Meredith College through EA a couple of weeks ago and am currently working out my financial plan for next year. They invited me to apply for a few school-specific scholarships (namely STEM scholarships), and I just wanted to make sure that doing so would not bind me to attend Meredith. Meredith is among my first few choices, but there are a few other schools I would attend before Meredith if I am accepted to them. Should I go ahead and apply?

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@dareme19 days ago

Go for it! If you don't get accepted at the other schools, at least you'll have your money for this school. If you do get accepted at the other schools, don't you still want to compare your options for how much money you'll have to pay, how many credits will transfer, etc? What is EA?

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Check-in with the college. Maybe that scholarship is only if you attend that institution, if not, shoot your shot.


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