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Is Talking to guidance counselor as a junior really helpful?

Hi, I am in the 11th grade and I got a new guidance counselor due to the other counselor leaving and I was wondering.... Should I talk to my guidance Counselor now since this is a crucial period for my high school year as a junior? Just Wondering.

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19 days ago

I would say yes.

your school guidance counselor will be able to give you advice that applies to your and your local community (in a way that online resources may not be able to).

the usefulness is obviously going to vary from school to school and counselor to counselor, but definitely give it a shot!

make a list of questions and stuff to bring up beforehand, good luck!

12 days ago

YESSS!!! Even though I am only a sophomore, I highly encourage you to talk to your counselor. Based on what majors or college you want to attend, they are actually many things you can do to have better chances of getting accepted. Talk to your counselor about moving up a grade, how to fill up your resume, or ask about other scholarships that are available to you. Especially as a junior it is your last chance before applying.


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