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CSS/FASFA Priority filing deadlines

I applied for the CSS and FASFA and submitted it to all my schools that accepted them. (Public schools and some other schools did not require a CSS) and I just learned that some had priority filing deadlines as early as November 1st. I submitted my FASFA end of October, however some of my schools did not receive this until later (and for one of my schools if says they received the FASFA in late December?) and I submitted the CSS to most of my schools on November 5th, 5 days after this "priority" deadline for a few of my schools. I am very confused on what this priority deadline is, and did I miss it for these schools? I was never made aware of this and am still confused about these deadlines, will I now not receive financial aid for these schools, especially because these schools say they meet 100% of demonstrated financial need? Will a few days off from the deadline be that important? Thank you!


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Priority deadline just means you get reviewed first for aid. If you missed the priority deadline, you will still recieve aid! It depends on how your schools do it—some might offer more aid to those who file first over those who file last. But if these schools say they meet 100% of demonstrated financial aid, priority will mean they are just reviewed first. As long as you made the hard deadline, you're good :D


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