14 days ago
Paying for College

Any scholarships (that aren't randomized drawings) still open for application?

I've procrastinated on scholarships for too long, and I'm wondering if there are any still up for grabs

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13 days ago

I have been advised to search for local scholarships (search by town, county, local clubs such as Rotary, Kiwanis, etc.), and to also focus on scholarships that require essays as fewer students are willing to do them. If you're still in high school your guidance counselor should also have a list of scholarships available to you. There are still plenty of opportunities yet. Good luck!

12 days ago

There are a lot of little scholarships open through March-May and some haven't even opened yet! I would start with googling scholarships + categories you're interested in or a part of (like your major, interests like mental health or environmental science, your area, ethnic group, etc). There are also other scholarship websites like Bold.org or Going Merry you can glance through to find anything that sounds worth trying. As other comments have said, check your college's institutional deadlines as well, I know mine doesn't have deadlines til Feb/March.

It's never too late to look, just remember that those with more specific essays or qualifications will naturally draw less applicants so your chances of winning are higher, and thus it's worth the effort. Good luck!!

14 days ago

It depends on where you want to apply. What I can recommend you is check the universities you want to apply to and search for "X's university scholarships" and look there requirements and deadlines.


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