2 years ago
Paying for College

Average out of pocket costs

Would it be a wise idea to figure out the average cost of attendance for your major and average financial need based upon major and subtract to get the out-of-pocket costs? I also want to see if I should calculate the average pay for my career choice and see how much it would cost me per month to pay off any student loans for 10, 20, and 30 years for both Bachelor's and Master's degrees of my major (with the subtracted financial aid).

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@calicactushugger2 years ago

Hi! I do think that this sounds like a smart idea, and at the least it wouldn't hurt you! It's good to plan ahead, but you marked your post stressed. Is this stressing you out? While I don't think this is an unwise idea, if this is something that is really stressing you and that stress is outweighing any potential benefits then I advise against it.

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2 years ago

hey, do you know where you're going? I attended a couple of seminars and they all break up the yearly tuition differently so you can see closer estimates! I do think it's wise tho, I'm doing the same thing. Honestly I would just budget a little bit even now, if you have a part-time job. Even a 20 dollar payment helps !

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