2 years ago
Paying for College

Paying for college

What should i do if the college i want to go to wants me to pay 50,000 dollars a year should i still go

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2 years ago

Did you hear back from financial aid? You may receive scholarships/need-based aid, I am not sure of your situation. If this is the cost per year after aid, I would consider your other options, are there other schools you could attend for much less money? 50,000 a year is a lot. Personally, I would consider another option however the situation may be different for you. Are your parents able/willing to help pay for some of that? What job are you looking towards after graduation? will that career allow you to pay off the loans quickly? Is this college something special that will allow you to succeed more so that another school? Honestly, my belief is that the college experience is what you make of it, it really doesn't matter the prestigiousness of the institution. You could always apply for scholarships, however, I do not think you are going to be able to find scholarships to cover this much money. Best of luck if you have any further questions or want to elaborate on your situation feel free to do so.

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