2 years ago
Paying for College

Paying for college

Hello, I am planning on committing to Drexel but I have got a lot to pay and I don't want to be in so much dept what do?

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2 years ago

You should contact the admissions office of the Drexel University and check for any departmental scholarships specific to your major or if you have a good resume in sports you can also check if they can provide you any athletic scholarships.

There are many external scholarships as well. If you are a U.S. citizen you can check out bold.org, it has numerous scholarships and whether the winning amount is small apply for as many as you can.

There are many loan scholarships as well where you don't have to pay any interest so if you can afford that much debt then it could be a great option.

I hope you the best!

2 years ago

Hello! The first course of action I recommend is to apply for as many scholarships as possible. The money from scholarships is invaluable and adds up very quickly! My favorite websites for scholarships include Bold.org, Cappex, and ScholarshipOwl, although there are many more great websites.

Secondly, consider your financial situation by calculating your cost of attendance on https://connect.drexel.edu/idp/profile/cas/login?execution=e1s1. This estimates your personalized tuition cost, fees, room and board, and more. Most colleges (including Drexel!) give out need-based financial aid and/or grants; this calculator will help you see if you are eligible. Even if you do not think you are, however, I recommend applying for this program. It won't hurt.

Additionally, if it isn't too overwhelming, you can also obtain a part-time job on or near campus.

Hope this helps!

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