2 years ago
Paying for College

Unfortunately I’ve just started my search for scholarships I’m not sure where to began I’m class of 2022.

Fafsa has given me a little bit of money but overall that won’t help like at all is there any grants that I should know about and small scholarships that could be recommended?

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2 years ago

Hello! It's great that you are looking into scholarships. First, I would recommend that you target the small scholarships first such as Collegevine Weekly Scholarships or the scholarships on Bold.org. Niche.com and Scholarships.com are also great websites for scholarships.

You may find that you would rather focus on the big-ticket scholarships instead of the smaller ones, but it is always better to do both but do many small scholarships. The rewards will add up.

I would certainly look for scholarships tied to your state or district, but here are some of the big-ticket scholarships:

The JKCF College Scholarship Program

More-Head Cain

Ron Brown Scholarship

Jack Kent Cooke Daniels Fund

ELks MVS Schoalrhsip

Scholastic Arts & Writing Scholarship

Greeting Card Scholarship

Dell Scholars Program ($20k)

Davidson Fellows Scholarship (18 or younger)

Cameron Imapct Scholarship

KPMGG Future Leaders Scholarship

The Daniels Fund

The Boettcher scholarship

Coolidge Scholarship

Coca Cola Scholars

Gates Millennium (For minorities, min: 3.3 GPA)

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Ayn Rand Essay Contests (Up to $20k)

Nordstrom Scholarship (Up to $10k)

Good luck with your search!

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