2 years ago
Paying for College

Good schools that could be in a 50-55k a year range max? (assuming I have NMF status)

Demographic: White male, upper middle class, NJ

Expected Major: Business

SAT: 1550 (790 reading, 760 math)

PSAT: 1490 (probably qualifies me for National Merit scholarship)

GPA: 4.57 weighted, 3.96 unweighted

Coursework: 10 APS from sophomore to senior year, most other classes are honors (except in freshman year where they weren't offered to us)

AP Comp sci A

AP Bio


AP Comp Sci Principles

AP Stat

AP Psych

AP Calc AB

AP Latin

AP Physics 1

AP Lit


3x Summa Cum Laude from school (4.3 weighted GPA or higher)

Varsity Letter for Cross Country (Junior and Senior year)

National Merit Finalist (Not official yet, but expecting it because of my PSAT score)

Seal of Biliteracy in Latin


Cross Country (Varsity junior and senior year, but not fast enough to run in college)

Winter Track

Spring track

Volunteer ZOOM tutoring through a club at my school, specifically for lower income families in neighboring city

Volunteer in person tutoring at my local church (also for lower income families in neighboring city)

Summer job as teaching assistant at Kumon

More of a hobby - played guitar for 4 years, I might make a Youtube channel where I upload the chords to songs as a tutorial (just to prove that I play? Idk its a big way I spend my free time)

I can't pay for anything like Ivy tuition because my EFC is full price at all these schools. My parents are willing to pay at most 50-55k a year for college. Because I may be a national merit finalist, that opens a lot of doors in terms of scholarships.

Schools I'm already applying to: Rutgers (in state), Fordham (offers full ride to NMF), Northeastern (Offers scholarship to NMF), Boston University (offers scholarship to NMF)

Also, my parents don't want me going far away from the east coast so as to not pay for plane fare. Are there any other schools in this price range or that could give me scholarships to move it down there? Keep in mind I'm getting 0 need based money from any school. For example: UNC out of state is 54k, are there schools that offer scholarships that could get me there?


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2 years ago

Here is a list of schools that are mostly on the East Coast and could potentially cost even less than 50k per year. These schools will meet 100% of your demonstrated financial need even if you do not earn NMF status. Hope this helps!

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