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Paying for College

How can I pay for college through means besides scholarships?

I've been working extremely hard during high school & have been planning to go to a great out-of-state school, possibly even an IVY. However, admissions are not the issue, it is now money. I'm just now finding out my parents will not pay for the tuition because they already paid for an older sibling going to an IVY and medical school. My other option is to go to a smaller in-state college where I will be auto-admitted into regardless. This would mean all my extra hard work would have been for pretty much nothing.

Is it worth getting loans? I'm also planning to go into medical school, so this seems like an unviable option. Scholarships don't really seem viable either because the chances are very small and the amount of money wouldn't cover the fees.

Is there anything I can do?

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2 years ago

Typically, Ivies have very generous financial aid packages if you get accepted, you won't end up paying as much as you think you will. I would recommend talking to your guidance counselor to find different scholarship opportunities that aren't online, or are less popular so you have a greater shot at winning.

My advice to you, since you want to go to med school, is to go to a relatively inexpensive, in-state school, then apply for Ivy medical schools when you graduate from your state school. So you'll still get top tier medical education, but you won't have to go into a ton of debt before you go to med school.

2 years ago


This situation is tough. However, if you are going to go into some top schools in the country they have very good financial aid. Many many people end up qualifying so there's no harm in checking. Another tip, just because you think you won't get a scholarship doesn't mean you shouldn't apply. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. I hope this advice helps and best of luck to you!

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